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Team building and musical experiences for corporate events 

Encourage your team to face a new challenge and be part of a musical performance

You don 't need to have a musical background to understand this. It will only require listening, teamwork and a lot of fun!

We provide a fun and surprising musical experience that up until now has been only possible for dedicated musicians: being part of an orchestra!

Because an orchestra is probably one of the best examples of teamwork  “working as an orchestra raises your sense of belonging. You connect with each other and that makes you succeed in your shared goals as a company”.

We bring the musical experience wherever your company is located in the Netherlands!

No mater where you are, we bring the musical experience to your location, (we can perform corporate events in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Haarlem...)


We do corporate musical activities in Dutch, English and Spanish.


Connect with your colleagues with an

ice-breaking experience


We create musical experiences for Team Building activities


We worked with many big companies for their corporate events

Many big companies trusted in Tutti Project for their corporate events

No matter the size of your company or how many employees will attend your corporate event, we have a suitable and fun musical experience for you

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